who is bryhami?

a beautiful woman creating beautiful things.
Hey y'all,

It's me! Bryanna!

I’m a 27 year old black mom from the south suburbs of Chicago.
I’ve always loved art and all things artsy so it was important for me to create a life for myself that allows me to be my true artsy self daily. It’s all about the beauty of being me.
It is really important for me to live a life of ease, as i feel that the people before me earned that for me. I use art as a means to create that life for myself.
I’ve always wanted to create things, but I never knew how it was going to look or how to explain it to people or even what kind of artist I wanted to be. I realized in 2022 that it really doesn’t matter that I don’t have the perfect idea, I just know the feeling. So I’ve been on a journey to continue feeling ease, rest, and comfort on a daily basis and I’m so happy you’ve decided to join me. Whether it be for a moment or for a lifetime, I hope that I can inspire you to create the life you want for yourself too using a little stillness, creativity, and a few
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