How to: create a paint palette coffee table

How to: create a paint palette coffee table

I wanted to create a coffee table that had cute pole wrapped legs and I had seen people use concrete form tube to create the table legs on their pole wrapped table legs. I measured 16inches for each table leg and cut them using the Ryobi Reciprocating Saw. I then unwrapped the pole wrap and wrapped it around the concrete form tube using the reciprocating saw to cut the pole wrap into 6 evenly sized groups. After the pole wrap was cut to size i used wood glue and the AirStrike nail gun to attach the pole wrap to the concrete form. After gluing and nailing them in i folded the nails down in the inside so that it wouldn’t hurt if i accidentally touched one. I then added the table top I previously cut using my Ryobi Jig Saw and drill. I then cut 3 circles to fit inside of the legs i created so that the table base has a flat and solid surface to lay on top of. Once the circles were placed at the top of the table legs I glue the legs down and then used the nail gun to create triangles with the nails in the legs for added support.

I then decided to add the thumb palette piece back in using bondo, since the table felt incomplete. It’s slightly more shallow than the rest of the table so that the indentation is still visible.

Tools used


Finished Product

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