How To: Acrylic Portrait of Beyoncé

How To: Acrylic Portrait of Beyoncé

Creating a portrait of Beyoncé was one of the biggest tests of patience i've ever experienced. This has legitimately been the most challenging thing I’ve ever decided to do and I’m making a table from scratch. (Stay tuned for that post.) So here’s a few tips that I learned along this ongoing process. 


The underpainting process should have NEVER taken me as long as it did. I was being way too much of a perfectionist.

You can use the medium to blend on the canvas vs creating new colors in order for the 2 shades to blend together seamlessly.

Using water mixed into your paint will help it look smooth on the canvas.

it'll all come together in the end and you can always keep trying if you feel it doesn't. 

I recorded this whole process on my TikTok so I don't have much to say about all that I did everything that was hard and challenged me was worth it. I truly love everything it is now that it's finished and i hope that Beyoncé sees it some day because it really does look a lot like her. 



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